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Friday 1 February 2008

A Stopped Clock . . . ?

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I just want to re-iterate that I think Obama is the best candidate.

Um, and also that I kind of secretly like Anne Coulter. Most of the things she says and does are kind of dumbed down, like all of her recent books. But her first book was solid, even if evil. And I think her analysis here is actually right. Goodness.

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Crin said...

Don't make me watch it. What did she say?

Charles Céleste Hutchins said...


No, I swear, it's not painful.

She says that she would vote for HRC over McCain, because HRC is further right. and she backed this up with some credible evidence of Clinton's right wingedness.

However, she failed to counter-balance this adequately, imo, with evidence of McCain's leftiness. She made references that seemed to refer to an earlier part of the conversation or some pre-existing conservative consensus.

And watching it didn't hurt and contained some non-ironic lolz.

Crin said...

McCain has been a staunch conservative in the Senate despite the media branding him a maverick. He's not. He's a hardcore conservative. Just look at his voting record. When did he ever vote 'like a maverick'? The only reason she is called him a librul is because he backed comprehensive immigration reform, which only fire-breathing conservatives oppose. Today, however, he has backed completely away from his 'left' position and says he wouldn't even vote for the legislation he co-authored. He's a flipflopper, and she's a hack. HRC is more left than people give her credit for, and McCain is NO progressive's friend. (I already voted for Obama, but I like HRC. She's a good politician.)

Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

I wouldn't vote for McCain because of his hating on the queers. They say it's bad to be a single-issue voter, but I'm not going to vote to harm myself.

I do respect McCain though, more than I respect Bush-branded conservatives. He actually seems to be from the reality-based community, which is a plus. Some conservatives just have strong philosophy differences with leftists - they see the same problems but have totally different answers for them. I think their answers are wrong, but at least they're trying. Bush-type conservatives seem to be motivated out of hatred and greed, and that I have no respect for.

I think part of the reason Coulter is against McCain is because he's not a hate-and-greed right winger, which means her skill set won't be much in demand if he becomes president. Honest differences don't require insane, reality-denying spin.

I don't like the term "flip-flopper." People should be given credit for re-evaluating their positions based on new data. If that new data is simply a desire to pander to evangelicals, then the term should be "cynical opportunist", not "flip-flopper."

HRC . . . well, she's pretty hawkish, which sucks. She seems willing to "triangulate" which is kind of a disaster for marginal groups like immigrants and queers. She's pretty ok on LGB issues, but is kind of soxxor on trans issues . . . much like everybody except Kucinich and Edwards.

The only thing that makes me like HRC is the open sexism being displayed against her by the media and even by the left. People like Kos know that racism is bad and have held off on it (ooh, but wait until the general election and the R's start in), but they seem to have missed the memo on sexism. I'm saying that in general based on my experiences reading comment about Coulter on Kos in 2004-5, so maybe it's changed, but I doubt it.

Anyway, I'm still registered Green and am in the Anybody-But-Nader camp. I'm voting for McKinney.

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