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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

NHS endo

I've just talked to an endocrinologist in a british hospital.  The hospital, Birlingham City Hospital is a newish building.  It has large windows and an airy, almost pleasant interior. There is a large central atrium in the center of the outpatient wing. This is part of a shared waiting area. It's almost like cafe. Food and drink are available.

I arrived early for my appointment, as directed and checked in and waited.  The receptionist asked where the patient was. "I'm the patient." She double checked everything and aplogized. Later, when a nurse called me, she also double checked my name and address. The NHS has me listed as "Miss Celeste." My efforts to change this have, so far, failed, alas.

The endo's assistant asked me a bunch of questions and sort of hinted at scary things that can go wrong on T. Blindness?!? Um, not that I've noticed.

The endo then came around to talk to me and ordered a million blood tests and said his assistant would write a letter telling my GP to prescribe sustanon, which is the form of T given to transmen in Europe. I can do it every 3 weeks instead of every 2. Huzzah. I'm to return in 6 months for a follow up.

He ordered 17 blood tests, so now I'm now waiting to have my blood drawn. The tests are for various hormones, cholesterol, glucose levels, things that I don't recognize. Gods help me if they have to take 17 vials. I'm using that blood!

Anyway, the hospital is clean and bright and airy. I've also been to a hospital in france, alas, and this is altogether more pleasant.  But that was Paris' "worst" hospital, so maybe this isn't a fair comparison.

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