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Friday, 11 July 2008

The latest

I've finally gotten occupancy of my new flat. The landlord got out very late on tuesday evening. Moving is a drag and he left a harried unsweptness in his wake. I can't complain as I've done the same. Nicole has been cleaning and organizing everything. She will make for a radical librarian. She's been shelving my books. The travel books are all together. She has placed my guide to belgium between the guides to france and the netherlands. Next to the netherlands is germany and boredering on the german guidebooks is one to deenmark.

This flat doesn't have cable. The landlord has left a tv, but my primary concern is for internet access. I foolishly told the landlord that i wouldn't need  a landline, so now i am trying to get it reconnected. British telecome is experiencing a glitch the last few days which prevents them from enrolling new customers. I have no internet, but i can stroll around the estate and chance upon open networks and update my blog.

There is some possibility that my american homeowners insurance will cover my bike. I've been glaring suspiciously at anyone who rides by on a brompton. Mine had a weird rear bolt and a trailer hitch, but, obvoiusly, i haven't seen it. I have recently noticed, though, that while bromptons are extremely popular in london, i never see them locked up outside. People keep them in sight and bring them indoors. Nicole saw a woman place one in a shopping cart. If i get insurance money, i'm tempted by the titanium frame. The steel frame is a bit heavy to drag everywhere. If i don't get money, well, i still kind of need a folding bike to commute to brum. I have a  fabric shipping bag that nicole made for bromptons. I have two bags designed to attach to the luggage rack scheme specific to this kind of bike. I even have standard pedals for one. So it would seem logical to get the same kind of bike again. And one of those locks that comes with insurance.

In other news, i've now switched from american-style t to eurostyle. I'm on something called sustanon. The way american t works is that it's in castor oil (which does not actually come from beavers) -an impossibly thick oil. You inject it into a muscle and  it slowly leaks out. It peaks after a  couple of days and leaves your body after 10 - 14 days. By comparison, my sustanon is in peanut oil, which is much thinner. It has multiple types of t in it, all with different half lives. So as one is disappearing, another is becoming bioavailable. The standard cycle for this is 4 weeks, but i'm at 3 because i hate the gap at the end and i'm sometimes a day late with a shot. Like last time, for example.

I looked at the drug information booklet. Normally, i try not to or else i start imagining i have all the bad side effects.  But i looked this time and it said to alert your docyor if you'vee ever haad bone cancer as this could cause a problem. Well, i actually had a tumor in a bone about 12 years ago. It was benign, but the surgery was really painful. I wonder if i remembered to tell the endocrinologist? Is this specific to sustanon? I don't want to have more  tumors in my bones, but it would really suck to have my voice and chin hair frozen at 15 year old boy. Maybe i should call my old doctor? I'm sort of between  them right now.

Finally, i've just gotten conformation of  xena's kennel booking. I fly to california on monday.  They want her to have been vaccinated for kennel cough several days ago. This would have been a good thing to  tell me over the phone when i said her vaccination for that wasn't current. And they're not answering their phones.

To wrap up: all my stuff is in boxes. I have no internet. My t might give me cancer. The dog boarding i have lined up won't take my dog.

Things tend to go the same amount of badly whether i plan in advance or not.

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