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Thursday 11 September 2008

Injection Report

I got registered with a new GP who suggested that I should keep stabbing myself. I should have objected. I hate doing it and I'm not good at it. For example, this time:

I shattered the ampoule and bits of it got in the T. Damn, I should have cleaned the outside with surgical spirits before opening it. I drew it into the needle and then pushed the needle into my leg. You're supposed to draw back on the syringe to make certain you haven't hit a blood vessel, so I did that and got air bubbles?!?! How is there an air pocket in my leg?

I decided to re-stab, but motherfucker, the needle was not as sharp on the second go. Ouch. The second time, I decided that air in my leg, must be a feature, so I pushed it in anyway.

So I put unsterile T in my leg with some air bubbles and a dull needle and my hands were shaking like hell. I am so going to get a nurse to do this in three weeks. That or a junkie.

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