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Saturday 11 April 2009

dan's installation

dan st. Clair is talking about his awesome instillation which involves speakers hangong from trees doing bird like rendition of 'like a virgin', which is utterly tweaking out the local mocking birds.

when he was an undergrad he did a nifty project with songs stuck in people's heads. It was conxeptual and not musical.

when he lived in chicago he did a map of muzak in stores on state street, including genre and de;ivery .ethod. He made a tourist brochure with muzak maps and put them in visitor centers.

he's interested in popular music in environemtnal settings

max neuhaus did an unmarked, invisible sounds installation in time square. Dan dug the sort of invisible, discovery aspect.

his bird e.ulator is solar powered. Needs no cables. Has an 8bit microcontroller. They're cheap as hell.

he's loaded frequncy envelopes in memory. Fixed control rate. Uses a single wavetable oscillator httP://

he made recordings of birds and extracted the partials.

he throws this up into trees. However, neighbors got annoyed and called the cops or destroyed the speakers.

he's working on a new version which is in close proximity to houses. He's adding a calddendar to shut it down sometimes and amplitude controls.

he has an IFF class to deal with sdif and midi files. SDIFFrames class works with these files.

there's some cool classes for fft, like FFTPeaks

he's written some cool guis for finding partials.

his method of morphing between bird calls and pop songs is pretty brilliant.

dan is awesome

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