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Commission Music
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Saturday, 11 April 2009

more performance stuff

vincent rioux is now talking about his work with sc

he improvised with an avant sort of theatre company. The video documentation was cool. I didn't know about events like this in paris. Want to know more.

in another project, he made very simple controllers with arduino inside. He had 6 controllers. One arduino for all 6.

Tiny speakers. This is also nifty. Used it at Pixelache festival.

the next project uses a light system. Uses a hypercube thing. Which is a huge thing that the dancer stands inside. Sc controls it.

the next thing is a street performance asking folks to help clean the street. Part of festival mal au pixel. This is mental! Also, near where i used to live. Man, i miss paris sometimes.

the next ne is a crazy steam punk dinner jacket. With a wiimote thing.

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