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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Latency improvement in sensor wireless transmission using IEEE 802.15.4

MO- Interlude Project Motivations

Multipurpose handheld unit w/ RF capabilities with network oriented protocol. With a custom messaging schema to reduce latency in a small size.

He's showing a video of tiny grabbable objects with accelerometers in them. They have a nice aspect. You could use them like reactable elements that send out data, but the ones he's showing are way more multipurpose.

The unit can be connected to accessories and is a radio controlled wireless device that can stream sensors and can pre-process their own data to cut down on bandwidth usage. They use Zigbee which is not as fast as wifi but low power.

They use off the shelf modules so they don't need to mess with radio stuff directly. This does require some middleware. Digitizing is surprisingly slow. So they decided to do an all in one solution, using an embedded modem. This si 54 times faster! Plus it's generic and scalable.

Given that this is IRCAM, I suspect that it's expensive.

The accessories of the device declare themselves to the device and contain their own specs

The presenter wants to make this Open Source, but needs to get that through internal IRCAM politics and to "clean the code" which is a process that seems to sometimes drag on for people.

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