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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Snyderphonics Manta, a Novel USB Touch Controller

What is the Manta?

A USB touch controller for audio and video. Uses HID spec. Does capacitive sensing. 6-8ms latency (w some jitter). Portable and somewhat tough. Bus powered. It's slightly like a monome....

Design features

It has a fixed layout because it's a hardware device. It is discrete. 48 hexagonal pads which outputs how much surface area is covered. Slightly less than 8 bit. The sliders at the top have 12 bit resolution and are single touch.

the hexagon grid is inspired by just intonation lattices. Based on Erv Wilson and RH Bosanquet's papers graphs

If every sensor is a note, you have 6 neighbours

It has LED feedback under the sensors (you can turn this off) inspired by monome.

The touch sensing is inspired by the Buchla 100-series controller.

Has velocity detection. Does this based on two consecutive samples.


Microtonal keyboard, live processing, etc


Something called the manta mate will allow this to be used to control analog synthesisers

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