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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Live blogging: a stigmergic model for oscilattor synchronisation

By Andrew Lambert

Stigmergy is a term that refers to self-organising systems. Like how ants order themselves. Each ant only knows about itself and it's local conditions.  It looks at the mechanics of what's happening to each agent.

Each ant is following a pheremone and leaving a pheremone. The sucessful ants follow a trail and it gets reinforced.

Oscillators - are everywhere! WE ARE OSCILLATING RIGHT NOW!  All cycles are oscillations. Fireflies will sync up their blinking.  Individual oscillators will sync up. How does this happen?

Kuramoto came us with a formula for describing synchronisation in chemical reactions.  He said the oscillation was produced by the synchronisation.  This is a self-organising phenomenon. It is not stigmergic because the oscillators are communicating directly.

The Van der Pol Oscillator is a relaxed state oscillator. Energy builds up  slowly. (look this up)  There's a Bath Coupling, which links together two of these oscillators.  He's come up with local field coupling.  We are looking at a slide full of equations.

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