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Friday 11 May 2012

Xena has cancer


Xena has been gradually slowing down for the last year. I thought it was her arthritis at first, but when her limp got bad, I took her to the vet and an x-ray showed that she's got a tumour in one of her shoulders. He suggested that she might have a few more years if her leg was amputated, but she also might not. As far as they can tell, it hasn't spread, but they can't say with certainty and I think it would be a very difficult change for her, since she's nearly 12.

So, she's getting pain killers and is home with me. The vet thinks she'll probably have about 3 good months.

I'm glad that we don't put dogs through what we put people through.

Xena's a good dog and has had a good life. She's been to 10 countries. She's lived in 3 and in multiple US states. She's been to parties, weddings, concerts, camping trips, festivals, offices, universities, cars, boats, trains, trams, bicycles and buses.

It would be difficult to overstate how much my life has changed in the decade she's been my dog. She's been there for the death of my mum, the end of my software engineering days, the end of my marriage, the entirety of my post-graduate career, my transition, half my time in Holland and all of my time in England.

I'm trying to stay cheerful, since she's not gone yet and she's concerned about me being upset. It's difficult to adjust.

Xena has many friends in many places. If any of you want to come out and see her, I can find a bed or a sofa for you to sleep on.


Graham said...

Sorry to hear that your companion will leave. May she live the rest of her days in contentment.


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Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

Dear Spammer, if I ever had a dog again, I will NEVER buy your products. You could not be more insensitive.

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