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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Liveblogging the Sc symposium: Overtone Library

Collaborative programmable music. Runs in LISP (dialect of LISP?) that runs in the JVM.  It's got concurrency stuff. It's programmable. It runs in Clojure.

Deals with the SC server.  This sort of looks like it's running in emacs...

All SC Ugens are available.  He built a bunch of metadata for this, a lot like the SC classes for the Ugens.  There is in-line documentation, which is nice.  The Node-tree shows all currently running UGens.

Midi events are received as events and can be used by any function. Wiggle your nano controller.  This came with the JVM.  So all Java libraries are supported.  OSC support. Serial support.

Synth code and musical expression code can be written in the same language.  Specify phrases in a score, concat them.  The language is relatively readable. as far as lisp goes.  Most things are immutable, so this is good for concurrence. Too many variables can confuse the programmer.

He's using a monome. Every button call has a function, which has the X,Y coordinate, whether it's pressed or released and a history of all other button presses.

Now he's doing some mono-controlled dubstep.

C-Gens are re-usable UGen trees, possible a bit like synthdefs. Can do groups also.

This can also use stuff, because it's got java.  OpenGL graphics also supported. They can hook into any UGen

Anything can be glued together.

This is kind of cool. But you need to deal with both java and lisp.


  • Collaboration?  It helps you deal with shared state, without blocking or locking.

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