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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

LiveBlogging SC: Mx

by Chris Satinger (aka Felix Crucial)

Mx is a tool for connecting objects together.  audio, control, midi etc

Anything that plays on a bus, the bus can go in and it can be put on a mixer.

This mixer is a GUI thing. You can use it just to glue on things like fadeouts or amplitude control.

Just write a descriptor file.

The system is not the gui, it's the patching framework.

You can patch synthdefs together. and edit the synthdefs on the fly.

This patches things a wee bit like PD.

It checks for bad values and prevents explosions.

There is no time line system. It's a hosting system and only manages connections and starts and stops. You can put in other timelines

It uses environment variables. ~this is the unit.

~this.sched(32, { ... }, { ... })

You can put documents in the Mx. Those can change the Mx as it runs, so it's all very self-modifying. (When I was an undergrad, they told me this was naughty, but like many other naughty things, it can be very cool.)

Things have outlets and inlets that you can connect.   There is apparently a querying system which we will learn about.

He gets good music out of the system despite having no idea what's going on a lot of the time

Dragging cables is fun for a while, but then...


  • Adaptors? The describe what an object is and describes the inlets and outlets.  There's also a system for announcements. Cable strategies also define behaviours.

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