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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Liveblogging SC: live coding with assembler

Dave - 

Esoteric programming languages are an interesting thing we might care about.

CPUs in mine craft - you can see the processing.

Space invaders assembler with lines showing the order of execution.

Very slow execution can show what's going on. This can be sonified.

 Till - 

BetaBlocker is a quark in sc3-plugins

(talk to him if you want to go work in helsinki)

BBlocker never crashes, but it  might not do anything.  It has a stack and a heap and a program counter.

This is like Dave's grid on the DS, where it runs in an infinite loop.


DetaBlockerBuf - is a demand rate UGen. So you can do weird computations in your ugen?  It does a programming step everytime it gets triggered.

The programs are stored in buffers. You can do random ones.

There is also a visual thingee.

BBlockerBuf exposes the stack and the program counter.

BBlockerProgram holds a beta blocker program for the assembler. 

You can create a program with the assembler code.  you can play the program.

BetaBlockerProgram([\NOP, \POP, \ADD]) etc

Tom Hall - 

John Cage would be 100 this year.

A metaphorically digital, constrained, sonic system. An invitation to listen


  • Is the heap a wave table? No, the output of the program is the sound.
  • Is it a coincidence that it sounds like putting a induction coil on a laptop?  Um, maybe. He says it sounds very 8-bit-y. Maybe because it's 8bit.
  • Is it easy to write logical seeming programs, or are they mostly random? It is possible to write things that make sense. The fun of it is the weirdness and things getting trashed by accident.  Dave is going genetic programing with a system like this.
  • The output is one byte at a time? No, each step does something and the output is something I didn't understand.
  • Graphics question? Not Till's field.
I think this could be really useful for student or teenagers who are sort of intereted in programming.

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