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Tuesday 17 April 2012

LiveBloggin the SC symposium: Keynote - Takeko Akamatsu

Using SC since 2000.

Main project is Craftwife. (All members are housewives, she says).  Going since 2008.  There are 5 members now. They are between pop and art culture.

She started initially doing demos of Remkon, an iOS OSC app.  How to make this popular? 
  • Borrow the image of something already famous - Karftwerk.
  • What is Originality? - SC patterns
  • Crash of music industry - live to record, record to live. Craftwife should be live only

Influenced by "the Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"

She makes extensive use of PatternProxies

She also works with Craftwife + Kaeso+.  Kaseo+ is a circuit bender.  she controls strobe lights, analogue synthesier, etc.

SC in Japan. They have a meetup in Tokyo. She posts on twitter. She does workshops.

During her show in the Hague in 2007, she got frustrated and smashed her computer. And then quit making computer music for a year and grew vegetables.

She held a workshop at a place called the WombLounge.  Not everyone was a musician. She covered interaction between many environments.


She will give people a theme and five minutes and they have to make a sound.

4 people are quickly coding something on the theme of spring.


She wants the book in an eBook in Japanese.


She has attached a sensor to her exercise bike and uses this during her workout routine.

She's tired of loud sounds. And sound systems are annoying.

She played a video of JMC saying what he wants for sc4. It's not client server and it's a lot smaller.

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