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Monday, 16 April 2012

Liveblogging the SuperCollider Symposium: SC AU UI

by Jan Trüzschler and Zlatko Brackski

This is the SuperCollider Audio Unit User Interface Library, which enables the creation of custom user interfaces for Audio Units built in SC.

You can use AU stuff in live or Logic and having a nice GUI can enhance the user experience.  Mapping controls can increase the complexity possible with the AU library.

This is MAC-only, as it uses Objective C.

The interface has some grey boxes and is editable. 

This is not yet added to the main SCAU library yet, as it needs to be merged with the SCAU lib.  The UI library needs some work. There needs to be some documentation.


This would be cool, but the GUI is really obtuse. 

You can download this stuff from BCU via TEE DMT. Or this will be released in a more normal way.


  • Where is the lovely GUI coming from? Objective C, so you can't do your own version in SuperCollider
  • Why is this a one-time library install rather than packaged in the component? Jan thought it would be easier to do an installer.  They're not difficult to distribute.
  • Can the AUUI controller thing use sidechains? Not yet.

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