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Saturday, 9 November 2013

live blogging flossie: screens in the wild

twitter: @wildscreens

Digital media embedded in environment. Mediated urban space. Most common uses of big screens is commercial.

How to do something different with screens and allow people access instead of letting advertisers dictate to us?

there are some big BBC screens in the centre of some communities. 23(?) in the UK? These are supposed to regenerate communities. How will this work? Nobody knows, but we want a big screen. They are high up and it's hard to do interactive content.

the research challenge is how to integrate the screens into the environment in a way that the community has input.

How does the public engage with them? How can they be used to interact? How can we enable open access?

Active research and iterative design process.

they did community workshops.

they came up with something like a photo booth. easy to use. people do a pose and others in remote locations copy those poses to create an interaction.

Open access is very difficult, especially things that run a long time. The technology is also expensive, which makes it hard to get access.

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