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Saturday, 9 November 2013

live blogging flossie: a tv collaboration in barcellona

They use pure data both in software, but also with paper objects and string stuck to walls

Free software changes your relation with your computer and by extension your relationship with a lot of technologies in your daily life.

The collective uses linux. Free software freed them from the concept of 'good' and 'bad' uses. They found new uses. Their technical experience is considered less valid, but people call on them to discuss politics. This frees them to try to do whatever they want.

they made a 'possible impossible machine.' the first version had a terrible interface. it was made collectively by a workshop by all the participants. they had a pd patch to make all decisions. this was absurd. this is not the best way to handle negotiations.

some uses to technology have a tendency to erase the human touch.

they use old tech to resist planned obsolescence.

Gender construction: they don't know how it works, but they know how to use it. Women there have worked to lose fear of opening the closed boxes. Open source has helped enable this.

she has talked a lot about their process around 'errors'. failure is part of free software culture - to recognise bugs and not hide problems. there can also be a problem when people 'celebrate' the power of a mistake (ie the aesthetics of glitch) in that foss guys sometimes get upset about it. the speaker feels it's a part of feminism to give less power to the 'expert' but to work with people who are experimenting, learning and making interesting material. Her political position is against the specialist.

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