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Saturday, 9 November 2013

live blogging flossie: BCS Women

Talk by Louise Brown.

BCS is the British Computer Science professional body, representing members in the IT profession. A learned society with a royal charter and can charter people and offer qualifications and is a charity. It wishes to be the gold standard for diversity in the IT sector.

15% of the 70k members are women. There are more than 50 specialist groups, one of which is BCS Women (and another is the Open Source Specialist Group).

BCS Women is volunteer-driven group. They aim to support members and raise awareness of women in IT. trying to get more women into IT. They want to put up posters in schools around women in IT. They do Android Programming 'family fun days' - a one day workshop, aimed at families, that lets people try coding.

They run a Lovelace Colloquium for undergraduate women. And did Open Source taster days that they ran jointly with the Open source Group and Fossbox. They did AppInventor, intro to git and intro to python.

FLOSS-UK in the spring has a call for papers.

the BCS is also having an AGM in a few days with a foss event.

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