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Saturday 9 November 2013

Live blogging flossie: sound body gender

I'm reduced to taking notes with my phone, as my laptop battery life is not great.

i didn't catch the name of the speaker, but she has a very impressive cv...

gender art started in ancient greece w sappho. She referenced her body and emotion. Women artists get recognised more in ethnography than art history.

Now a slide of Ada Lovelace's program. Lovelace was the beginning of software. Sylvia Plath also represents a lack of support of women creatives. .....

Conceptual art and performance art of the 70s allowed a feminist critique. Women's identity is opposed to a masculine tradition. New technologies allows new images and new thoughts. Ideals of masculinity and feminity are dominant in online communities. Most editors of wikipedia are men.

She is now talking aboout the anarchistic and artistic value of floss, talking about the ideology of collaborative working.

Now she is talking about the Art+FOSS book, which is really good. is a useful resource for artists, tech and activism. Artists were prosecuted under anti-terrorism laws and fcforum helped them.

Free Culture has festivals like piksel in norway. They support a lot of hacker artists.

Composer Shelly Knotts has a controversial post about women in live coding on her website. Norah Lorway is also a live coder, who works collectively. She is part of the OpenLab underground London collective.

Many performers are activists. She seems to be assrting that live code is a path to utopian, collective futures.

Gender art paratice can queer technologies.

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