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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

To gesture or not? An analysis of technology in nime proceedings 2001-2013

How many papers use the word 'gesture'?

Gesture can mean many different things. (my battery is dying.)

Gesture is defined as movement of the body in dictionaries. (59 slides, 4 minutes of battery)

Research deifnitions of gesture: communication, control, metaphor (movement of sound or notation).

Who knows what gesture even means??

He downloaded nime papers and ran searches in them. 62% of all nime papers have mentioned gesture. (Only 90% of 2009 papers use the word 'music')

Only 32% of SMC papers mention gesture. 17% of ICMC

He checked what words 'gesture' came next to - collocation analysis.

NIME papers are good meta-research material

He suggests people define the term when they use it.

Data is available/


I can't tell if this question is a joke or not..... oh, no, we're on semiotics.... Maybe the pairong of the word 'gesture' with 'recognition' says something fundamental about why we care about gesture.

The word 'gesture' goes in and out of fashion.

Maybe 'movement' is a more meaningful word sometimes.

how often is gesture defined?

He should have checked that, he says.

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