Commission Music

Commission Music
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Harmonic Motion: a tool kit for processing gestural data for interactive sound

they want to turn movement data into music.

This has come out of a collaboration with a dancer, using kinect. It was an exploration. He added visualisation to his interface. And eventually 240 parameters. The interface ended up taking over compared to the sound design.

They did a user survey to find out what other people were doing. So they wanted to write something that people could use for prototyping, that's easy, extensible, and re-usable.

They wanted something stable, fast, free and complementary, so you could use your prototype in production. Not GPL, so you can sell stuff.

A patch-based system, because MAX is awesome all of the time.

This system is easily modifiable. He's making it sound extremely powerful. Paramters are easy to tweak and saved with the patch, because parameters are important.

Has a simple SDK. Save it as a library, so you can run it in your project without the gui. this really does sound very cool.

Still in alpha.


CNMAT is doing something he should look at, says a CNMAT guy.

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