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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Creating music with leap motion and big bang rubette

Leap Motion is cool, he says.

rubato composer is software that allows people to do stuff with music and maths structures and transforms. It's MAXish, but with maths.

The maths are forms and denotators, which is based on category theory and something about vector spaces. You can define vectors and do map stuff with them. He's giving some examples, which I'm sure are meaningful to a lot of people in this room. Alas, both the music AND the math terms are outside of my experience. .... Oh no wait, you just define things and make associations between them. .... Or maybe not.....

It sounds complicated, but you can learning while doing it. They want to make it intuitive to enter matrixes via a visual interface, by drawing stuff.

This is built on ontological levels of embodiment. Facts, processes, gestures (and perhaps jargon). Fortunately, he has provided a helpful diagram of triangular planed in different colours, with little hand icons and wavy lines in a different set of colours, all floating in front of a star field.

Now we are looking at graphs that have many colours, which we could interact with.

Leap Motion

A cheap, small device that track hands above the device. More embodied than mouse or multitouch, as it's in 3d and you cna use all your fingers.


Is built in java, as all excellent music software is. You can grab many possible spaces. Here is a straightfoward one in a five dimensional space, which we can draw with a mouse, but sadly, not in five dimensions. Intuitively, his gui plays audio from right to left. The undo interface is actually kind of interesting. This also sends midi....

The demo seems fun.

Now he's showing a demo of waving his hands over a MIDI piano.


Is the software available?

Yes, on sourceforge, but that's crashy. And there will be an andriod version.

Are there strategies to use it without looking at the screen?

That's what was in the video, apparently.

Can you use all 3 dimensions?


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