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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Triggering Dounds From Discrete Gestures

Studying air drumming

Air instruments, like the theremin need no physical contact. The kinect has expanded this.

Continuous air gestures are like the theremin.

Discrete movements are meant to be triggers.

Air instruments have no tactile feedback, which is hard. They work ok for continuous air gestures, though. Discrete ones work less well.

He asked users to air drum along to a recorded rhythm.

Sensorimotor Synchronization research found that people who tap along to metronomes are ahead of the beat by 100ms.

Recorded motion with sensors on people.

All participants had musical experience, were right handed.

They need to analyze the audio to find drum sounds.

anaylsis looks for 'sudden change of direction' in user hand motion.

The have envelope following that is slow and fast and then compare those results. Hit occurs at velocity minimum. (usually)

Acceleration peaks take place before audio events, but very close to it.

Fast notes and slow notes have different means for velocity, but acceleration is unaffected.


Can this system be used to predict notes to fight latency in the kinect system?


Will result be different if users have drum sticks?


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