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Commission Music
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Sunday, 13 October 2002

Mom is still alive and not kicking. We give her lorazapam whenever she starts kicking. We have her morphine every 4 hours last night and she slept much better. She woke up at five and started reaching again. She was exceptionally alert this morning and her eyes were bright. She told Christi, "I've got to go." or "I'm going to go." Christi said "where are you going?" Mom's been saying the I've got to go thing for weeks, so it may not mean anything. I'm trying to feel encouraged. A nice nun came over to pray today. Christi called her after being annoyed with the hospice volunteer. No howling wolves were invoked. It was ok.

Mom's been awake several times today. Her breathing isn't so great, but no near-death alarms have gone off. I haven't really been crying today. I looked up eco-caskets online. There's a company that makes them. Jean send out email asking people where to buy them in the area. They might be in sebastapool. where is sebastapool?

Nobody came by today. That's ok, but it would be nice if my uncle and brother would come.

Nothing new. I'm kind of tired.


  • Candles: bring them (the kind in tall glass thingees) or light them at home
  • We're out of oreos and Mother's frosted oatmeal cookies
  • Fair trade coffee. my dad's coffee sucks
  • Fair trade chocolate
  • vegan comfort food
  • Please ask for the phillip glass tickets for sunday and monday

None of these needs are especially pressing. except for candles. light a candle.

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