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Saturday, 4 January 2003

I lost my GRE book, so I'm working on a different set of words now...

The 15 GRE Words of the Day

  1. abate (verb) To lessen in degree. After three days, the hurricane started to abate
  2. accolade (noun) An expression of praise. The movie has released with great accolades from the critics.
  3. acerbic (adjective) Having a sour or bitter taste or charecter. Although she praised her competetion, her tone was acerbic
  4. acumen (noun) Quick, keen, or accurate knowledge or insight. Ideally, you want a leader with accumen, not a trained chimp.
  5. adultation (noun) excessive praise; intense adoration. J-Lo enjoys the adulation of millions.
  6. alacrity (noun) Eager and Enthusaistic willingness. Bush has an alactrity for warfare
  7. alchemy (noun) A medieval sceience aimed at the transmutation of metals, especially base metals into gold. Although alchemy is impossible, alchemists accidentally invented chemistry.
  8. amenable (adjective) Agreeable; responsive to suggestion. I asjed her out, and she was anemable, so we went bowling.
  9. approbation (noun) An expression of approval or praise. I received approbation from my boss for the project.
  10. arduous (adjective) strenuous, taxing, requiring significant effort. Taking the northern trail to the top of Mt. Witney is more arduous than the south.
  11. ascetic (noun) One who practices rigid self-denial, especially as an act of religious devotion. The ascetic rose every moring at 4:00, after only four hours of sleep, to say morning prayers
  12. astringent (noun) Having a tightening effect on living tissue; hasrsh; severe The IMF reccomended measures were astringent, at least to the peasents, the foreign investors found them to be pleasent.
  13. austere (noun) Without adornment; bare; severely simple; ascetic. The monk's dwellings were completely austere. In his room was a hard bed and a crucifix upon the wall and nothing else.
  14. avarice (noun) Greed, especially for wealth. It was Martha Stewards avarice which lead to her downfall and her insider-trading.
  15. axiom (noun) A universally recognized principle; taken as a given; possessing self-evident truth. The divitinity of Jesus ius an axiom of Christianity. axiomatic (adjective)

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