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Saturday, 8 March 2003

Rock and Roll Lifestyle

I'm too busy living the rock and roll lifestyle to write about it (later), just want to talk about the ear thing. I'm not just randomly insane. A couple of weeks ago I remebered my mom telling me that she was having trouble hearing out of one of her ears. And I can't remeber which one or if it got better after she saw the ear doctor or even how long ago it was, so I keep wondering if it was a an early sign of tumor or not (as compared to her calling me up and saying she thought she had alzheimers and me saying not to worry. i'm never telling anyone not to worry about medical stuff ever again. go to a fxcking doctor about it!) and late at night, "was that her tumor? Should I have seen it coming?" morphs into, "Wait, I can't hear well out of one of my ears!"

I had dessert tonight with one of the members of the Kronos Quartet tonight, but I'm way too tired tow rite another paragraph. (Yeah, I'm so cool! woo!)

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