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Commission Music
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Monday, 2 February 2004

Misery. woe. despair

I got up this morning. I co-lead a workshop on digital performer for two hours. i went to class and participated in a possibly intelligent manner although i had not done the reading. (apparently the paper due next week is about the class discussion i skipped last wednesday). i turned in my add/drop form. I purchased food. I opened all the bills and wrote checks for them and called on two of them to check the balences. and signed all the checks andput them in envelopes with stamps and return adresses. I found my missing sweater. I found a flyer i promised to post. i want a fucking medal. i'm not kidding.

will i flunk out of school?

doom. pain. weeping.

I told myself that if i paid the bills, i could take a nap. and the heat won't get turned off. i'm napping.

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