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Friday 1 October 2004

Kerry Debates (The serious and final post)

Kerry debates much better than he gives speeches. His speech at the DNC was inspriring . . . it inspired me to sign a petition to get Nader on the ballot. But his debating is awesome. Maybe instead of having him give speeches, he could just argue with some tool for ninety minutes. It would have made the convention speech much more exciting. And man, Bush is a tool. Nothing to say. A smug shrug. A repeated and overused line. the only thing he's good at is sounding dumb and invoking god. Now, he's not dumb. He knows voters are intimidated by smart people. So he's trying to look dumb. Then he can talk about how ivy league and eilte John Kerry is. And how godly and regular Bush, a Connecicut billionare, is.

So Kerry = clear winner. I feel better about voting for him now.

This is a tight election. If you're not registered, get registered. For those of you who are students, it's totally legal for you to register in the state where you're going to school. there's been a supreme court case about this, even. Your school is legally required to help you register, which some of them are faling down at. But there's undoubtedly a Democrat group or other political party group on campus that would happily help you register, which you must do SOON. NOW NOWNOW. You can register any party and vote any party. Register Natural Law. Register Green. Register Peace and Freedom. And then vote for any candidate at all. But, esp if you're in a swing state, vote for Kerry.

Bush clearly has no idea what he's doing with foreign policy. He has no plan for Iraq. He has no plan for stopping nuclear proliferation. Quite the opposite. He shitcanned the ABM treaty right after taking office, saying we need to build "tactical" nukes to drop them on rouge nations. Actual nuclear warfare. How are we supposed to stop other countries from getting nukes while our president is planning to start dropping nuclear bombs? It makes me want to hide under my bed. Or in my basement with two weeks worth of water and nonperishable foods.

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