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Commission Music
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Saturday, 2 October 2004

Upcoming gig: Oakland, CA

I will be playing a short set of laptop music on Friday October 8 at a show starting at 8:00 pm at 21 Grand, located at 449B 23rd St. in sunny Oakland, CA. The show costs $6-10.

This will be a good opportunity for us to see each other and you can hear what I've been doing while sequestered away on the East Coast. The other groups are:

Friday, October 8
Livermore Jazz Band Trio: Damon Smith - Contrabass Marco Enedi - Reeds Moe! Staiano - Drums, objects)
+ David Slusser Trio: David Slusser - David Slusser, Chris Ackerman - Drums, ????? - Bass, guitar

Personally, I've been meaning to see Moe! Staiano play for a long time. And Damon Smith is an awesome bassist. I don't know the other group, though. 21 Grand is a very nifty space.


goat said...

come play a gig in brighton! it is known for its venues!

Les said...

I'd love to. find one that will fly me out.

yesyouam said...

i'll be all fresh and giddy from the debate!