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Wednesday, 6 October 2004

veep debate

a rare chance to watch the guy who actually runs the show argue with . . . somebody who probably won't be doing very much except standing at the ready in case Kerry dies.

Pretty much everything that came out of Cheney's mouth was a lie, but he seemed to ebelive those lies. They seemed credible. Suddenly he was reminiscing about fighting "terrorism" (otherwise known as popular democratically-elected governments) in south america and he really beleived what he was saying, or seemed to.

Cheney also seemed to be strongly opposed to the Federal anti-queer amendment (the one about not granting same sex couples rights that are given by god to opptosite sex couples, like britney speares and her latest match). I mean, he seemed to really resent being put in the position of having to say that he supported the president. After a long and meandering Edwards talk about how queers are somewhat icky but not 100%, Cheney replied only with thanking Edwards for his kind words about his family. I was left with the distinct impression that Cheney might even support gay marriage. If only he hadn't said that people's relationships aren't anyone else's business. Um, yes. It's nobody's buisiness. Keep it in the closet and everything will be fine.

Edwards got in a couple of good points, for instance that Cheney opposed a bill calling on South Africa to free Nelson Mandela from jail, because Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Cheney's anti-terrorism crusade has been going on for a long long time. Anybody who opposes corporate interests is a terrorist, whether they're a peasent farmer in South America, leading a strguggle for democracy in South Africa or blowing up large buildings in New York. All morally equal.

And, Edwards is better matched to debate Bush. Or to debate Dan Quale. Or a trained chimp. He's not very smart, it's sad to say. I mean, he's a member of mensa compared to the president. But Cheney is a very smart man and a skillful debater and it's so sad that he uses his powers for evil instead of for good.

The moderater, an African American woman, asked an interesting question about AIDS death rates in African American women, a question about racism and classicism in addressing the AIDS epidemic in the US. And both candidates talked about Africa. We're supposed to forget that there's AIDS in the US. And if there is AIDS, only white fags have it. And there's wonderful medicine for that now. Which is expenisive and isn't covered for people on public assistance, but let's talk about africa instead. The candidates could not focus for two seconds on black women in the United States.

well, to be fair, Edwards couldn't focus for two seconds on anything. He didn't even seem to be sure what the question was half the time. Maybe he could have used that pen he was holding to say, jot down the question, hm?

I really really hate the idea of voting for somebody who thinks i should be a second class citizen and that i deserve less rights than other people.


yesyouam said...

yeah. i was really impressed by cheney's performance. edwards... well... he came off kinda like dubya.

if i was white, male, rich, and evil, i'd want cheney to be emperor. so all i gotta do is win the lottery, i guess!

also, they shoulda had subtitles for edwards.
he just took about three things that kerry said and repeated them ad nauseum with a shit-kicking accent. and he used that $200 billion figure. i guess he's staying the course. ;)

Marek said...

Yeah, I thought that meandering Edwards bit about Cheney's daughter was excruciating. I hate to say it, but I think Edwards went on so long repeating "gay daughter" and "gay" because he knows it's like nails against a chalkboard to the right-wing nutjobs on the other side. I mean, this is an Administration that is supposed to be ordained by Jesus Christ could He possibly allow a gay daughter into the story?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have been a supporter of Edwards, but found his
mentioning Cheney's daughter very odd. But wondered if
he did it for ulterior motives too. As one who has watched earnest Dems get smashed in elections, I know
they may have learned to win the larger picture they have to play some games. Not to take him off the hook, but I don't think he thinks anyone is second class, I really don't think that is his MO.

-Carol (Vince's friend)