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Wednesday 6 October 2004

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter's new book came out today. I know I am the only leftist in the world who is excited about this. Anotehr Coulter book = more media appareances = more insane sound bites. I love Coulter. Everytime you stick her in front of an audience, some insane quip will come out. Some short turn of phrase that is just unbelievable. Usually it is an over-the-top rendition of a republican talking point (note that the lame-ass phrase "over the top" has slipped into my vocabulary from repeated listening to Colmes trying futiley to argue with Coulter. (no, i don't have cable, why?)), but sometimes the insanity comes direct from Mars, as far as I can tell. Media Matters for America tracks this insanity and documents it. Happily, sometimes the have mp4 files, but alas not always. When she said that women "we'ren't that bright" not long ago, there was no clip. Alas. When she was on a couple of nights ago wondering why Bush was wasting his time arguing with the "knucklehead" John Kerry, it didn't even merit mention.

Somebody (not me) should start a Coulter Watch project where they monitor all of her media appearances and then make her coundbites available for download in aiff format.

Why would I want that? Well, come see me play Friday, Oct 8 at 21 Grand, and there might be a bit of a clue. And it might be up-to-the-minute-updated. (What on earth does she mean when she says, "jock sniffers for war vetrans"?)

I need a tivo

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