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Friday 8 October 2004

See me play music TONIGHT

My girlfriend says that I am insufficiently hyping my show. So let me repeat the info:

I will be playing a short set of laptop music TODAY, Friday October 8 at a show starting at 8:00 pm at 21 Grand, located at 449B 23rd St. in sunny Oakland, CA. The show costs $6-10.

Also on the ticket:

Livermore Jazz Band Trio: Damon Smith - Contrabass Marco Enedi - Reeds Moe! Staiano - Drums, objects)
+ David Slusser Trio: David Slusser - David Slusser, Chris Ackerman - Drums, ????? - Bass, guitar

Music all written at Wesleyan, approx half of it from this fall. Heck I just changed my Ann Coulter piece this morning with new sounds form her TV appearances. Nobody has heard the latest version but me and I wasn't even paying attention!

Answer such questions as: what did Celeste got to grad school to study? What has she done with her hair lately? Is it true that a thid of the audience walked out last time she played one of these pieces? (err . . . )

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