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Commission Music
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Wednesday, 2 August 2006

I'm baaaaack!

Hello, I am back in Berkeley, preparing for my gig tomorrow night at the Luggage Store. (9:00 PM, come at 8:00 to hear the other band too.) I only have 20 minutes of new music written because I got ill right as it was time to start writing stuff. So I'll be presenting some works-in-progress and maybe some older never-before-played-in-public stuff. There is at least one piece that even subscribers to my podcast have not heard before.

I am sooo jetlaged and alas still have not returned to feeling 100%.

In my Paris apartment, I had a really awesome-sounding refrigerator. I recorded it that day before I left. I have 43 minutes of it making it's strange song-like sounds. I feel tempted to subject people to the entire recording, but I think I would not be invited back. It really is lovely, though.

Also, I'll do a 10 minute or so improvisation with Ellen Fullman. So that plus new computer music (and one tape) is half an hour. Plus several minutes of fridge. Plus, um, gosh, I'm listening to my fridge right now and it's so great.



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